Intentionally small lots made with a wildly big heart.

Our Winemaking Story

The world didn't need me to make another Cabernet...

When I started my winemaking journey, I went out of my way to make unique and historically Californian varietals that could stand out. Though delicious, there is so much to discover in California beyond Cabernet.

"Award-Winning, Minimal-Intervention, Woman-Led, First Generation Winemaker"

The Promise: We will always make wine authentically that goes best with good food and great friends!

The Accidental Winery

I was content as a production winemaker and said I would never start my own brand... famous last words!

10 years ago I started Merisi with a little Pinot Gris and a lot of excitement, now I produce several different wines from small, independent family growers who have been doing it for generations and reflect our straightforward winemaking style.

Rediscovering California's distinctive wine history, and making it new!
Mandy Heldt Donovan, Founder

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Napa, California

Located in
Napa, California

Founded in:
Owned by:
Mandy Heldt Donovan
Winemaking by:
Mandy Heldt Donovan
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